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Focus in on an Image

Focus in on an Image
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Description: Start out with a blurred image and focus in on it.
Author: John Bezanis
Added: January 31st 2007
Version: Flash 8

This is a simple focus in effect purely using Actionscript. First, draw your object on the screen, or use File->Import to Stage to import an image. Right-click the object and hit convert to symbol. Set the type to movie clip and click Export for ActionScript. Now single-click the new symbol and insert the following code into the Action tab:
  1. //this section is processed once
  2. onClipEvent(load){
  3.   //Import the BlurFilter class so we can use actionscript to create blurs
  4.   import flash.filters.BlurFilter;
  5. //Distance to blur
  6.   var blurX:Number = 100;
  7.   var blurY:Number = 100;
  8. //Number of times to apply the blur.
  9.   var quality:Number = 2;
  10. //Create the filter
  11.   var filter:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter(blurX, blurY, quality);
  12. //apply the filter
  13.   this.filters=[filter];
  14. //the image is reset after 200 frames
  15.   var delayToReset:Number=200;
  16. }
  17. //load on each frame
  18. onClipEvent(enterFrame){
  19. //if the image isn't completely focused
  20.   if(blurX>0&&blurY>0){
  21. //if the image is more blurred, focus in faster
  22.     if(blurX>20&&blurY>20){
  23.       filter.blurY-=1;
  24.       filter.blurX-=1;
  25.     }else{
  26.       filter.blurY-=.05;
  27.       filter.blurX-=.05;
  28.     }
  29. //apply the new blurX and blurY amounts
  30.     this.filters = [filter];
  31.   }
  32. //decrement the delay to reset
  33.   delayToReset-=1;
  34. //200 frames have passed. Reset the blur
  35.   if(delayToReset<1){
  36.     delayToReset=200;
  37.     filter.blurY=100;
  38.     filter.blurX=100;
  39.     this.filters = [filter];
  40.   }
  41. }

The source file is available below for download.

Download Source File
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