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Motion along a Path

Motion along a Path
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Description: Create a motion path for an object which rotates along the ride
Author: John Bezanis
Added: February 1st 2007
Version: Flash 8

Start out by drawing your object on the screen or using File->Import to Stage. Right-Click and select Convert to Symbol. Set the type to Movie Clip. Motion Along Path
Move to frame 60 on the timeline, right-click, and select insert keyframe. Move to frame 15, right-click, and select Create Motion Tween. Right-click the layer name and select Create Motion Tween. This will create a new layer. Select this new layer, and using either the Pen Tool or Pencil Tool, draw a path for your object to follow. Click frame 1 of the layer the object is on and bring up the Properties tab. Check Orient to path to have your object rotate along the path. On the last frame of the object layer, select the object and move it to another location along the path. The object should snap to the path.

The source file is available below for download.

Download Source File
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